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A little while ago I asked readers of this website and those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter to send their questions to me for an interview with a fear of flying expert. Captain Tom Bunn is the creator of the only guaranteed fear of flying course, and he kindly answered all questions. The interview is available to read, download and/or print below.

In 2012 I asked Captain Tom Bunn if it was possible I could interview him via email. He kindly agreed...

I asked the readers of this website, along with my Facebook and Twitter followers to send me some questions that they'd like a fear of flying expert to answer for them. I then emailed these questions to Tom, and within 24 hours he responded with his answers. The result is a 11-page, fact-packed interview that will help all those who suffer with a fear of flying.

If you have arrived at this page without visiting the flying fear homepage then you might not know too much about me or the fear of flying course that I highly recommend.

I am Kevin, a Flight Attendant with experience of more than 3,000 flights over the last 8 years. I started to write a fear of flying course after helping many sufferers onboard flights I was operating on, but during my research I came across a course that is better than anything I could ever create - by far! so instead of wasting my time, and yours, I now recommend this course to every fearful flyer I speak to.

That course can be found here. Captain Tom Bunn is the creator of that course and has been helping people overcome the fear of flying since 1982.

Tom Bunn is a retired airline Captain, and a licensed therapist, who created the only fear of flying course that is guaranteed to work. His knowledge is second to none, and you get free access to an interview with him below.

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The interview is in PDF format to ensure it is readable on every device. Most computers have a PDF reader pre-installed, but if yours doesn't you can download a free one at Adobe Reader