Ryanair Decompression Incident: A Response to Media Reports

If you live in the UK you may have seen press reports of the recent incident involving a Ryanair flight from Milan to East Midlands airport (Flight FR1703). Once again media reports have embellished and dramatised what took place and therefore I felt it necessary to write this article explaining. It's important to note that I do not work for or have any relationship with Ryanair whatsoever, but it upsets me when any aviation incident is misreported. What happened on this flight is called a decompression. The aircraft cabin is pressurised during flight. This allows all of us to breath freely without breathing apparatus at such high altitudes. Sometimes a technical problem (such as a damaged door seal) can prevent the aircraft from … [Read more...]

First Time Flyer? Get The Guide to Your First Flight…

Never been on a plane before? Wonder what to do at an airport? Many of you are scared as you have never been on a plane before and don't know what to expect. This is completely understandable. I remember being excited but VERY nervous before the first time I flew all those years ago. Help is at hand... I have written a mini book called The First Time Flyer Handbook. The book explains what to do, and what is happening from the moment you book your flight, to finding your luggage at your destination. It's a short book, as I have tried to keep the information simple and easy to understand. Of course, if you need questions answered then feel free to contact me at any time. Although I make this site available for free, I have decided to … [Read more...]

Tom Bunn Video on Turbulence

This is just a quick video from Tom Bunn (who runs the SOAR fear of flying course) on the fear of turbulence. It includes a great description of what turbulence is, and also mentions why you don't tend to hear pilots reassure you very often when we enter turbulent air..... they just don't understand that some people might be afraid of it! FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SOAR HERE … [Read more...]

Qantas A380 Diverted After Engine Shutdown

A Qantas Airbus 380 has diverted into Dubai during a flight from Singapore to London after engine number 4 suffered "an engine oil defect". The plane was carrying 258 passengers onboard, along with four pilots and 21 cabin crew. I wanted to write a very quick post in case some of you have seen this news story and feeling a little concerned. Firstly, this incident is not news... Once again, the world's media have chosen to report a story despite there being no story! Jet engines are incredibly reliable, but every now and again one will suffer a technical fault. With today's modern aircraft running extensive computer systems that monitor every single minor detail any technical fault is immediately noticed, analysed, and recorded. One of … [Read more...]

British Airways Commercial 2011

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 15.46.51

I have just seen this ad on TV and had to share it with you. The reason I think it deserves your attention due to the very important point it makes. The ad is a 'tribute' to the early aviators who flew aircraft with a lack of safety. These men and women were the ones whose bravery helped shape the safety standards we now have in place. In my opinion it's a beautiful ad (not sure if it's possible for an ad to be beautiful.... but I'll stick with it!). Watch the commercial below, and it would be great to hear your comments afterwards. Just post down below! … [Read more...]

The Media At It Again: Exaggerated Media Reports of BA Engine Failure

Yet another example today of the media providing pointless, and over-exaggerated stories related to aviation. A report has appeared on the Daily Mail website in relation to a British Airways engine failure or engine surge. The problem with these stories is that they print quotes from ill-advised passengers, with no background information or opinions from aviation experts. A Bristish Airways flight from South Africa to London Heathrow suffered from an unspecified engine problem. Passengers reported seeing flames coming from one of the four engines on the Boeing 747 which lasted for approx 30 seconds. This may have been an engine fire/failure or simply an engine surge (similar to a car backfiring). If the engine was indeed on fire, warnings … [Read more...]

A Tribute to Flight Lt Jon Egging: Red Arrows Pilot Killed in Accident (R.I.P)

On Saturday 20th August 2011 the iconic Red Arrows aerobatic display team suffered their first fatal accident since 1978, and unfortunately Jon Egging the pilot of Red 4 was killed after crashing into the countryside close to Bournemouth Airport after seemingly ensuring his aircraft stayed clear of residential areas. This article does not contain speculation on how the accident happened. That is being investigated, and the Red Arrows fleet has been temporarily grounded whilst that investigation is completed. Instead, I just wanted to pay tribute to a man I have never met, but who earned my admiration and respect through his service to our country, and the great joy and entertainment he provided millions of us through his displays with the … [Read more...]

Video of Thunderstorm at 36000ft

I have mentioned many times that flying directly through a thunderstorm is avoided due to the severe turbulence it can cause. However, we often fly close to storms and pilots will weave their way around the storm clouds. This makes for some amazing scenes. Here is a video of a thunderstorm recorded by a pilot in the cockpit, over Turkey; This storm may have caused turbulence, and it may have even led to the aircraft being struck ny lightning. Neither of these events is dangerous though. Hope you enjoyed the quick clip... beautiful isn't it. For more information on what happens if the aircraft is struck by lightning, read my article by clicking here. … [Read more...]

The TakeOff Today Program: Recommended Fear of Flying Course

Download TakeOff Today Program

I have mentioned the TakeOff Today Program on numerous occasions, and have always recommended it as a cheaper option if you simply cannot afford to invest in the SOAR Course (my top recommendation for guaranteed fear of flying help). But, I think it would benefit you if I went into a little more detail about WHY I think the TakeOff Today Program is still effective. Firstly, let us discuss what you actually get when you order the program. The main manual is 121 pages long and comes in PDF format (all this means is that it is readable on ANY computer, whether PC, Mac or other). 121 pages seems like a lot of reading, but it's an enjoyable experience. There is no 'fluff' or 'filler', just great advice on overcoming your fear of … [Read more...]

Video: Is Flying Safe – Turbulence Explored

I've just uploaded a new video to YouTube of the moderate turbulence I encountered today at work. I'd love to hear your thoughts.... Please post your comments below or on YouTube, and please feel free to suggest some other subjects I could use for future videos. Press play to watch the video below; … [Read more...]