Volcanic Ash Cloud in UK Airspace: Why Are Flights Being Cancelled?

It appears many people are arriving at this page after searching for news on the current volcanic ash cloud. Therefore, I have set up a mini-site giving all the latest news on the Grimsvotn eruption and you can find it by going to Volcanic Ash Cloud 2011 or typing http://www.flyingfear.net/volcano into your Internet browser. Why is it suddenly safe to fly through volcanic ash? Click here to read more. UK and European flights have been disrupted today due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland yesterday. This is yet another example of the high level of safety in aviation which should be reassuring to those with a fear of flying. So, why has a volcano erupting in Iceland disrupted flights in the UK and beyond? Volcanic ash jams machinery. This … [Read more...]

Video: Go-Around Cockpit View

Another quick video for you of a go-around, this time filmed from the cockpit. If you have a fear of flying, a go-around can seem a pretty scary event. As you can tell from this video though, it is a completely normal procedure. Notice how Air Traffic Control are asking the plane in front to hurry up and vacate the runway, before instructing the Finnair pilots to go-around due to traffic. ATC do a great job of ensuring we are safe, in this case by not allowing to aircraft to be on the same runway at the same time..... … [Read more...]

Top Three Online Fear of Flying Help Courses

I created Flying Fear (this website) for YOU – the fearful flyer – a year ago with one main goal, to help as many of you overcome your debilitating fear as possible. Whether it’s email support, or the articles on the site, I hope I’ve contributed the best I can. As regular readers will already know, I am a Flight Attendant and NOT a psychologist. In fact, I have zero training in counselling, or any other form of self help. I just wanted to use my expertise in flying to help out where possible. BUT, the fear of flying can be a complicated phobia which sometimes requires more expertise than I can possibly offer. It’s an irrational fear that can ruin family, social, and work life. Of course, I don’t really need to tell you this.....you … [Read more...]

FREE GIFT: 10 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Flying

The best price is FREE right?! Well, below you will find instructions for you to download the free eBook 'The 10 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Flying'. I'll be honest, I didn't write this book, Rich Presta of The Takeoff Today Program did. But, he has kindly allowed me to pass it on to readers of this website for no charge. The free eBook comes in PDF format. If that doesn't mean anything to you, then don't worry. Most computers already have Adobe Reader pre-installed, and so you will have no problems reading your free gift. For those that do not have it installed, it is available as a free download at Adobe.com. To download your free report, simply 'RIGHT-CLICK' the button below, and select either 'SAVE AS' or 'SAVE LINK AS' … [Read more...]

Video: Go Around (Missed Approach)

A go-around (sometimes called a missed approach) is a perfectly normal procedure. At the time of writing, I have experienced four go-arounds in approx 3,000 flights - so although it is a normal procedure, it's also relatively rare. But, you may experience one on your next flight, or maybe you've already done so and didn't know what was going on. Watch this video of a missed approach with Air Traffic Communications and continue reading the article below where I will discuss possible reasons. So, now you have seen a view of a missed approach, let's talk about possible reasons and the procedure involved. The term 'missed approach' is actually a bad one as it implies the pilots have made a mistake. This is not true. It simply means any … [Read more...]

Flying in Strong Winds

As the UK is currently experiencing the worst storm of the year so far, with winds gusting at 75-90mph I felt it necessary to add a quick (and unplanned) article on the subject of flying in strong winds. As with any bad weather there are strict procedures, and regulations that must be adhered to to ensure that flying remains safe. With regards to wind, the direction is an important factor. With wind blowing down the runway, there is not too much of an effect - except a bumpy take-off and landing. If the wind is blowing ACROSS the runway (known as a crosswind), flights can be delayed or even cancelled. Each aircraft type has a 'crosswind limit' - which is the strength of wind … [Read more...]

The Virgin ‘Flying Without Fear’ iPhone Application

Virgin's Flying Without Fear course has long been considered one of the best UK courses available, with thousands of successful customers. The course was recently featured in the media when actress Whoopi Goldberg's fear of flying was cured after completing it. Some of you may - however - have been put off by the £199 price tag, but now is your chance to get help from the experts for a fraction of the price. Go on, guess how much...... How about £2.99 (UK) or $4.99 (US)?! This is possible due to the new iPhone/iPod Touch application available from the iTunes Store. Anyone with an iPod will know what I'm talking about here. If you haven't, then I'm sorry but this doesn't apply to you until you do! Founder of Virgin Atlantic Richard … [Read more...]

Fear of Flying: An Email About Turbulence

I receive many emails from readers regarding the fear of flying. Many of them follow the same theme though, and this one that I received yesterday is relatively typical. I thought it would be helpful to post the email and my response here for all to see. Obviously names are left out. … [Read more...]

Video: Autoland in Fog

Earlier this year I wrote an article on the Fear of Flying in Fog, and more specifically, how an aircraft can land itself using the latest technology. Of course the pilots are still monitoring all systems, and the aircraft must be rated to complete such a landing. Also, all autopilot systems must be in working order or a 'autolanding' is not permitted and the aircraft will be diverted to another airport instead. I thought you may be interested in seeing for your own eyes that this is possible through the magic of video! Watch the video, and continue reading this article below; … [Read more...]