Fear of Flying Book: Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Overcome Your Fear of Flying - Robert Bor

There are plenty of books out there on the fear of flying, or more accurately, how to overcome it. I would always recommend buying one that features psychologists AND aviation experts as both aspects are important. A new book has recently been published that meets this criteria. Entitled Overcome Your Fear of Flying it is written by two psychologists and a pilot, and looks at effective skills and techniques you can use to help reduce the anxiety commonly associated with flying. A word of caution - I have not read this book myself so cannot comment on its effectiveness. If anyone has seen a copy, please review it below. I have posted the message regarding this book as I know many of you are looking for a cheaper option than a full … [Read more...]

Media Reports of Continental Flight 128: Severe Turbulence

Ok, as I have said over and over again here, turbulence is not dangerous as long as you are following the guidelines and have your seatbelt fastened. Media reports - once again - are misleading. It is amazing to see the level to which they twist words and headlines to make the event seem more dramatic than it was. Continental Flight 128 hit severe turbulence which has … [Read more...]

Fear of Flying in Bad Weather: Rain

There are two reasons why I have written this article. Firstly, a reader who completed the fear of flying survey suggested it and secondly, a passenger boarded my aircraft a few weeks ago in torrential rain, and asked me; Have you ever flown in rain like this before? Is it safe? Never before had I thought that rain could cause fear amongst airline passengers. But, it does. The following information should help you to understand why it is nothing to be … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Story – The Fear of Flying in Perspective

A Flying Fear reader wrote this short story and emailed it to me to share with other readers; A teenage girl of about 15, Kirsten, was travelling to her hometown in Sweden from her boarding school in America to see her family. She had always felt slightly nervous of planes, but she had agreed to go on the trip only because the prospect of not seeing her family this summer seemed worse than any of the dangers air travel could pose. As she waited at the departure gate, she looked around to see many a face a picture of anxiety, … [Read more...]

How Safe is Flying? Detailed Statistics

How safe is flying?

I understand that statistics are not enough for you to overcome your fear of flying, but I have to show you some proof to back up everything else I tell you on this website. To overcome your fear you must understand WHY and HOW flying is safe, and this is where this website will really help you Everybody tells you that flying is statistically safer than almost any other mode of transport. But is this true? YES IT IS! As proof, here are a few statistics and charts; A US National Safety Council study showed flying to be 22 times safer than travelling by car 21,000 people (on average) die on the road in the US in a 6-month period. This is approximately the same amount of all commercial air travel fatalities WORLDWIDE in 40 years More … [Read more...]

Flight AF447: My Thoughts

Air France

There is no point in pretending the incident involving Flight AF447 did not happen - it's all over the world's media. So, I want to share my thoughts with you, the fearful flyer; We do not know WHAT has caused the incident, so there is no point in focusing on it. Focusing on an incident that has not been investigated yet simply causes more anxiety. Until we know how the aircraft came down, don't think about it.... Easier said than done, I know. To sell newspapers - or gain viewers - the media needs to 'imply' a reason, and that is exactly what they are doing. Simply because the captain had reported enetering severe turbulence the media are 'implying' that this could be the cause. But turbulence does not just bring an aircraft … [Read more...]

SOAR Fear of Flying Course Review – Why I Recommend This Course

As I've mentioned a few times on Flying Fear, there are many courses available that offer treatment for your fear of flying - but there is only one that I fully recommend. The first question that you will probably ask yourself is; Do I need to take a fear of flying course? In truth, not all of you will - but anyone who has more than mild or moderate anxiety will find that it's the only way to eliminate the fear. For those of you with mild anxiety, Flying Fear is probably enough to help you enjoy your flight. I have had many visitors who have had their questions answered here or via email, and then happily taken their flight. But, I do not have the expertise to help everybody - especially those with a severe fear of flying phobia. I am … [Read more...]

Update: Monarch’s Rejected Take-Offs

You may have read the article I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the reporting of a Monarch flight from London Gatwick to Taba that experienced three consecutive rejected take-offs, before leaving 8 hours late. You can read the original article by clicking here - or find out more information on what a rejected take-off is by clicking here. The main reason for this very short article though, is to share with you an email that I received from a passenger who was onboard the affected flight. His words … [Read more...]

Medical Emergencies on Transatlantic Flights

I've been asked to write this article by a reader of Flying Fear. If you have a subject you would like me to write about, please contact me. I wrote an article on medical emergencies a few months ago, and stated that on the average flight the aircraft can land within 30 minutes - and therefore in the event of a medical emergency onboard, professional help is never far away. You can read the original article by clicking here.  … [Read more...]

First Time Flying? A Video of Take-Off

As I've had many emails from first time flyers with questions along the lines of 'what is take-off like?', I have a quick video for you showing a typical take-off from Madrid Barajas Airport. NB: The odd noise you can hear as we go down the runway is my camera moving against the window - it's not the plane. You would not hear this noise during take-off. Hope the video helps....... Just hit the play button and enjoy. … [Read more...]