5am Check-In.. Palma de Mallorca

5am Check-In.. Palma de Mallorca

It’s 7.42 in the morning as I start writing this. We are currently flying overhead mainland Spain and just started our initial descent into Palma (Mallorca). In fact, we have just over 20 minutes before we land and I have just snapped this photo out the window.

Flying Over Palma
The approach into Palma de Mallorca Airport

The alarm went off at 3.45am this morning – which was a shock to the system after having 5 days off work. Thankfully it has been a rather easy flight so far. The only notable incidents have been a passenger feeling faint (regularly happens, especially on the very early flights), and a child being sick.

I’m hoping the return flight is just as easy, and all being well I will be home in time for lunch 🙂

Well it’s now 9am UK time (10am here in Mallorca). The aircraft is fully boarded and about to push back for the return flight, which is estimated at 2hrs and 15mins. We are running a few minutes early….

10.15am Just sat down for a couple of minutes to have a coffee and complete some paperwork after finishing the refreshments service. Experiencing some light turbulence at the moment which is slightly annoying as it is making it harder to write!!

There is a male passenger near the back who is slightly unnerved by the bumps. He is obviously a very nervous flyer and my colleague is currently explaining to him that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

It’s now 11.00am and we are due to land in 10 minutes. We should get the order to prepare the cabin for landing from the pilots soon. Not a bad days work…. 15 minutes early 🙂

I have just got home, it is 12.15pm. Told you I’d be back at home for lunch!

How is your day going? Let me know in the comments section….

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