Possibly The Most Beautiful Photo I Have Taken…

Possibly The Most Beautiful Photo I Have Taken…

I flew to Funchal (Madeira) a few days back and just after takeoff on the return flight I looked out of the window to see the sun setting…. Well, I knew this was going to make a beautiful photo although it took about 10 attempts to get it right.

This is the result, and I hope you agree it’s stunning!

Photo of sunset from the air
The Aircraft Wing at Sunset

Sometimes I just love my job because I get to see beautiful things like this everyday. I work hard, and it can be tiring, but somehow this makes it all worthwhile. I happen to LOVE flying too, which I guess helps.

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  1. i would love your job…. but would also be afraid to fly knowing that there are idiots in this universe wanting to use our airplanes just to knock things down.
    much luck on ur journey and your picture is beautiful

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