Flight AF447: My Thoughts

Flight AF447: My Thoughts

There is no point in pretending the incident involving Flight AF447 did not happen – it’s all over the world’s media. So, I want to share my thoughts with you, the fearful flyer;

Air France
Air France Boeing 747

We do not know WHAT has caused the incident, so there is no point in focusing on it. Focusing on an incident that has not been investigated yet simply causes more anxiety. Until we know how the aircraft came down, don’t think about it…. Easier said than done, I know.

To sell newspapers – or gain viewers – the media needs to ‘imply’ a reason, and that is exactly what they are doing. Simply because the captain had reported enetering severe turbulence the media are ‘implying’ that this could be the cause. But turbulence does not just bring an aircraft down.

Neither does lightning. So all these media stories of the aircraft coming down whilst experiencing turbulence and a possible lightning strike are unfounded – and misleading (especially to someone who is nervous about flying already).

That is why I ask you NOT to focus your attention on this incident – and ESPECIALLY how the media are reporting it. It will NOT help you.

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