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  • Virgin Flight VS27 Emergency Evacuation at Gatwick Airport

    Virgin Flight VS27 Emergency Evacuation at Gatwick Airport

    Virgin flight VS27 turned back to Gatwick this morning approx 10 minutes after takeoff. The Captain announced that an emergency landing would take place. Reports suggest that there was smoke in the cabin, but this has not been confirmed. What is important to talk about is the reports of injuries caused by the emergency evacuation […]

  • Ryanair Decompression Incident: A Response to Media Reports

    If you live in the UK you may have seen press reports of the recent incident involving a Ryanair flight from Milan to East Midlands airport (Flight FR1703). Once again media reports have embellished and dramatised what took place and therefore I felt it necessary to write this article explaining. It’s important to note that […]

  • Qantas A380 Diverted After Engine Shutdown

    A Qantas Airbus 380 has diverted into Dubai during a flight from Singapore to London after engine number 4 suffered “an engine oil defect”. The plane was carrying 258 passengers onboard, along with four pilots and 21 cabin crew. I wanted to write a very quick post in case some of you have seen this […]

  • A Tribute to Flight Lt Jon Egging: Red Arrows Pilot Killed in Accident (R.I.P)

    On Saturday 20th August 2011 the iconic Red Arrows aerobatic display team suffered their first fatal accident since 1978, and unfortunately Jon Egging the pilot of Red 4 was killed after crashing into the countryside close to Bournemouth Airport after seemingly ensuring his aircraft stayed clear of residential areas. This article does not contain speculation […]

  • Bombs Found on Cargo Planes in UK and Dubai

    This is going to be a very quick note in relation to the recent foiled terror plot. Bombs have been found on US bound planes. One was found on a cargo aircraft in Britain, and one in Dubai.  As a fearful flyer, it’s very easy to see these reports and relate it to a passenger […]

  • BA117 Emergency Landing at Heathrow

    You may or may not have seen the reports of a British Airways emergency landing all over the media yesterday (2nd October 2010). This is yet another example of complete incompetency on behalf of the media. The story goes that a handle on a cabin door was seen to be moving and this caused an […]

  • Why is it Suddenly Safe to Fly Through Volcanic Ash Cloud?

    The Icelandic volcano (Eyjafjallajoekull for those that care!) that has caused so much disruption in the UK and European aviation industry is still erupting. So the question on many fearful flyer’s lips is; why is it now ok to fly through the ash cloud? Ok, a little background information to start. This country has never […]

  • Why Volcanic Ash is Dangerous to Aircraft Engines (Video)

    This is a 5 minute video featuring a jet engine expert explaining why the volcanic ash that’s currently occupying UK airspace – and effectively closing it – is so dangerous to fly through;

  • Volcanic Ash Cloud in UK Airspace: Why Are Flights Being Cancelled?

    It appears many people are arriving at this page after searching for news on the current volcanic ash cloud. Therefore, I have set up a mini-site giving all the latest news on the Grimsvotn eruption and you can find it by going to Volcanic Ash Cloud 2011 or typing into your Internet browser. Why […]

  • The Virgin ‘Flying Without Fear’ iPhone Application

    Virgin’s Flying Without Fear course has long been considered one of the best UK courses available, with thousands of successful customers. The course was recently featured in the media when actress Whoopi Goldberg’s fear of flying was cured after completing it. Some of you may – however – have been put off by the £199 […]