Why is it Suddenly Safe to Fly Through Volcanic Ash Cloud?

The Icelandic volcano (Eyjafjallajoekull for those that care!) that has caused so much disruption in the UK and European aviation industry is still erupting. So the question on many fearful flyer's lips is; why is it now ok to fly through the ash cloud? Ok, a little background information to start. This country has never experienced an event such as this before, and safety regulations were not amazingly clear when the ash cloud entered UK airspace. Therefore the authorities (CAA, NATS, and the UK Government) decided a blanket ban on ALL flights in UK airspace was necessary. This response has been heavily criticised, but it shouldn't have been. … [Read more...]

Volcanic Ash Cloud in UK Airspace: Why Are Flights Being Cancelled?

It appears many people are arriving at this page after searching for news on the current volcanic ash cloud. Therefore, I have set up a mini-site giving all the latest news on the Grimsvotn eruption and you can find it by going to Volcanic Ash Cloud 2011 or typing http://www.flyingfear.net/volcano into your Internet browser. Why is it suddenly safe to fly through volcanic ash? Click here to read more. UK and European flights have been disrupted today due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland yesterday. This is yet another example of the high level of safety in aviation which should be reassuring to those with a fear of flying. So, why has a volcano erupting in Iceland disrupted flights in the UK and beyond? Volcanic ash jams machinery. This … [Read more...]