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  • First Time Flyer? Get The Guide to Your First Flight…

    Never been on a plane before? Wonder what to do at an airport? Many of you are scared as you have never been on a plane before and don’t know what to expect. This is completely understandable. I remember being excited but VERY nervous before the first time I flew all those years ago. Help […]

  • The TakeOff Today Program: Recommended Fear of Flying Course

    The TakeOff Today Program: Recommended Fear of Flying Course

    I have mentioned the TakeOff Today Program on numerous occasions, and have always recommended it as a cheaper option if you simply cannot afford to invest in the SOAR Course (my top recommendation for guaranteed fear of flying help). But, I think it would benefit you if I went into a little more detail about […]

  • Top Three Online Fear of Flying Help Courses

    I created Flying Fear (this website) for YOU – the fearful flyer – a year ago with one main goal, to help as many of you overcome your debilitating fear as possible. Whether it’s email support, or the articles on the site, I hope I’ve contributed the best I can. As regular readers will already […]

  • The Virgin ‘Flying Without Fear’ iPhone Application

    Virgin’s Flying Without Fear course has long been considered one of the best UK courses available, with thousands of successful customers. The course was recently featured in the media when actress Whoopi Goldberg’s fear of flying was cured after completing it. Some of you may – however – have been put off by the £199 […]

  • SOAR Fear of Flying Course Review – Why I Recommend This Course

    As I’ve mentioned a few times on Flying Fear, there are many courses available that offer treatment for your fear of flying – but there is only one that I fully recommend. The first question that you will probably ask yourself is; Do I need to take a fear of flying course? In truth, not […]

  • The Onset Of Flight Anxiety Problems

    A person on the SOAR Message Board writes, “Can one person fly for almost twenty-nine years with no turbulence and no fear and then just freak out about it? I was first on the plane at age of 6 months and never even once up until this year worried about flying. I would fall asleep […]