How Science Can Help You Overcome Your Anxiety


I've got to tell you, the research that's been taking place in recent years and the advancements it's all led to has been nothing short of incredible and is completely changing much of what we know about anxiety, fear, panic, and human behaviour in general. New technologies have given us the ability to peer inside the mind like never before, and literally WATCH exactly what happens not only when anxiety strikes, but when a feeling of relaxation and calm washes over us and takes it away. Research from universities and labs around the world is being published that shows that much of what's traditionally been done to help those suffering with anxiety or panic attacks has often been useless at best, and may even make everything … [Read more...]

British Airways Commercial 2011

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 15.46.51

I have just seen this ad on TV and had to share it with you. The reason I think it deserves your attention due to the very important point it makes. The ad is a 'tribute' to the early aviators who flew aircraft with a lack of safety. These men and women were the ones whose bravery helped shape the safety standards we now have in place. In my opinion it's a beautiful ad (not sure if it's possible for an ad to be beautiful.... but I'll stick with it!). Watch the commercial below, and it would be great to hear your comments afterwards. Just post down below! … [Read more...]

The A380 is ‘Indestructable’


A few months back a Quantas Airbus 380 had a huge engine failure that caused a lot of damage to the wing. But, the aircraft made a perfectly safe landing. As a precaution Quantas grounded all their a380's while the incident was investigated. The problem was promptly identified and fixed. Today I saw an article on Sky News following an interview with one of the pilots and I think it would benefit any nervous flyers to read it. A copy of the article follows; The airline grounded its fleet of the world's biggest passenger jets in the wake of the dramatic emergency landing in Singapore last November, raising safety fears about the planes. But in his first TV interview, Richard de Crespigny told Channel Nine's 60 Minutes programme … [Read more...]

How Safe is Flying? Detailed Statistics

How safe is flying?

I understand that statistics are not enough for you to overcome your fear of flying, but I have to show you some proof to back up everything else I tell you on this website. To overcome your fear you must understand WHY and HOW flying is safe, and this is where this website will really help you Everybody tells you that flying is statistically safer than almost any other mode of transport. But is this true? YES IT IS! As proof, here are a few statistics and charts; A US National Safety Council study showed flying to be 22 times safer than travelling by car 21,000 people (on average) die on the road in the US in a 6-month period. This is approximately the same amount of all commercial air travel fatalities WORLDWIDE in 40 years More … [Read more...]

Update: Monarch’s Rejected Take-Offs

You may have read the article I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the reporting of a Monarch flight from London Gatwick to Taba that experienced three consecutive rejected take-offs, before leaving 8 hours late. You can read the original article by clicking here - or find out more information on what a rejected take-off is by clicking here. The main reason for this very short article though, is to share with you an email that I received from a passenger who was onboard the affected flight. His words … [Read more...]

Disorientation And Your Fear of Flying

When sat in a car you don't usually become disorientated because you can see everything around you. That is until you find yourself in thick fog, or better still, close your eyes (not whilst driving of course!). Have you ever closed your eyes in a car in an effort to get some sleep, but found yourself trying to work out where you are via the direction the car is turning? It's difficult, as you become very disorientating. Did you turn left or right? Where are you? It … [Read more...]

Stress Free Check-In: How to Avoid Unhelpful Anxiety

As a nervous flyer, you need to avoid as much stress as possible allowing you to remain calm and in control. One of the biggest causes of stress is working your way through the check-in and security process to get to the departure lounge. So, let's discuss ways in which you can ensure a hassle free journey. These tips should be followed by any airline passenger - but more so if you have a fear of flying; Arrive with plenty of time to spare. Do not allow yourself to be late. … [Read more...]