How Science Can Help You Overcome Your Anxiety


I've got to tell you, the research that's been taking place in recent years and the advancements it's all led to has been nothing short of incredible and is completely changing much of what we know about anxiety, fear, panic, and human behaviour in general. New technologies have given us the ability to peer inside the mind like never before, and literally WATCH exactly what happens not only when anxiety strikes, but when a feeling of relaxation and calm washes over us and takes it away. Research from universities and labs around the world is being published that shows that much of what's traditionally been done to help those suffering with anxiety or panic attacks has often been useless at best, and may even make everything … [Read more...]

Medical Emergencies on Transatlantic Flights

I've been asked to write this article by a reader of Flying Fear. If you have a subject you would like me to write about, please contact me. I wrote an article on medical emergencies a few months ago, and stated that on the average flight the aircraft can land within 30 minutes - and therefore in the event of a medical emergency onboard, professional help is never far away. You can read the original article by clicking here.  … [Read more...]

A Typical Panic Attack

This is just a quick video that I thought was worth sharing. It shows you how a panic attack develops, and how it affects the body. For more information on how to prevent panic attacks, click here. Much more to come on Panic Attacks in the future....... … [Read more...]

What About Pilots Getting Sick?

I've been asked this question regularly; what happens if the pilots get sick while flying the aircraft? Firstly, pilots are healthy men and women. To get the job - and keep it - pilots must pass an extensive medical every year. This medical is carried out by a well-qualified doctor, and results are passed on to the company that employs the pilot concerned. If at any time in his/her career a pilot fails … [Read more...]

Medical Emergencies On-Board

Another 'trigger' for a fear of flying appears to be the possibility of having a medical emergency during the flight. I've had many questions on this subject, so I thought I'd cover it here. A medical emergency is obviously not a good thing - whether you are airborne or not. Let's say we have someone suffering a heart attack at home. You obviously call 999 (or the appropriate emergency number for your country!). If you live in a built up area, then you may be lucky to get a paramedic within about 15 minutes. If you live further out, maybe 30 minutes - or more.   … [Read more...]