Virgin Flight VS27 Emergency Evacuation at Gatwick Airport

Virgin Airlines

Virgin flight VS27 turned back to Gatwick this morning approx 10 minutes after takeoff. The Captain announced that an emergency landing would take place. Reports suggest that there was smoke in the cabin, but this has not been confirmed. What is important to talk about is the reports of injuries caused by the emergency evacuation itself. We only evacuate an aircraft if it is thought life may be in danger. Therefore when the captain ordered the evacuation he would have done so knowing full well that injuries may occur, but felt it was necessary in order to protect life. Bruised limbs, or the odd broken bone is a small price to pay when there are passengers life's to protect. Once again the media have decided to interview affected … [Read more...]

Ryanair Decompression Incident: A Response to Media Reports

If you live in the UK you may have seen press reports of the recent incident involving a Ryanair flight from Milan to East Midlands airport (Flight FR1703). Once again media reports have embellished and dramatised what took place and therefore I felt it necessary to write this article explaining. It's important to note that I do not work for or have any relationship with Ryanair whatsoever, but it upsets me when any aviation incident is misreported. What happened on this flight is called a decompression. The aircraft cabin is pressurised during flight. This allows all of us to breath freely without breathing apparatus at such high altitudes. Sometimes a technical problem (such as a damaged door seal) can prevent the aircraft from … [Read more...]

The Media At It Again: Exaggerated Media Reports of BA Engine Failure

Yet another example today of the media providing pointless, and over-exaggerated stories related to aviation. A report has appeared on the Daily Mail website in relation to a British Airways engine failure or engine surge. The problem with these stories is that they print quotes from ill-advised passengers, with no background information or opinions from aviation experts. A Bristish Airways flight from South Africa to London Heathrow suffered from an unspecified engine problem. Passengers reported seeing flames coming from one of the four engines on the Boeing 747 which lasted for approx 30 seconds. This may have been an engine fire/failure or simply an engine surge (similar to a car backfiring). If the engine was indeed on fire, warnings … [Read more...]

Media Reports of Continental Flight 128: Severe Turbulence

Ok, as I have said over and over again here, turbulence is not dangerous as long as you are following the guidelines and have your seatbelt fastened. Media reports - once again - are misleading. It is amazing to see the level to which they twist words and headlines to make the event seem more dramatic than it was. Continental Flight 128 hit severe turbulence which has … [Read more...]