The TakeOff Today Program: Recommended Fear of Flying Course

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I have mentioned the TakeOff Today Program on numerous occasions, and have always recommended it as a cheaper option if you simply cannot afford to invest in the SOAR Course (my top recommendation for guaranteed fear of flying help). But, I think it would benefit you if I went into a little more detail about WHY I think the TakeOff Today Program is still effective. Firstly, let us discuss what you actually get when you order the program. The main manual is 121 pages long and comes in PDF format (all this means is that it is readable on ANY computer, whether PC, Mac or other). 121 pages seems like a lot of reading, but it's an enjoyable experience. There is no 'fluff' or 'filler', just great advice on overcoming your fear of … [Read more...]

Top Three Online Fear of Flying Help Courses

I created Flying Fear (this website) for YOU – the fearful flyer – a year ago with one main goal, to help as many of you overcome your debilitating fear as possible. Whether it’s email support, or the articles on the site, I hope I’ve contributed the best I can. As regular readers will already know, I am a Flight Attendant and NOT a psychologist. In fact, I have zero training in counselling, or any other form of self help. I just wanted to use my expertise in flying to help out where possible. BUT, the fear of flying can be a complicated phobia which sometimes requires more expertise than I can possibly offer. It’s an irrational fear that can ruin family, social, and work life. Of course, I don’t really need to tell you … [Read more...]

Fear of Flying Book: Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Overcome Your Fear of Flying - Robert Bor

There are plenty of books out there on the fear of flying, or more accurately, how to overcome it. I would always recommend buying one that features psychologists AND aviation experts as both aspects are important. A new book has recently been published that meets this criteria. Entitled Overcome Your Fear of Flying it is written by two psychologists and a pilot, and looks at effective skills and techniques you can use to help reduce the anxiety commonly associated with flying. A word of caution - I have not read this book myself so cannot comment on its effectiveness. If anyone has seen a copy, please review it below. I have posted the message regarding this book as I know many of you are looking for a cheaper option than a full … [Read more...]