Bombs Found on Cargo Planes in UK and Dubai

This is going to be a very quick note in relation to the recent foiled terror plot. Bombs have been found on US bound planes. One was found on a cargo aircraft in Britain, and one in Dubai.  As a fearful flyer, it's very easy to see these reports and relate it to a passenger flight. If a bomb can get onboard a cargo flight, surely it can get onto a passenger flight? This is categorically not true. Cargo flights are not subject to the same security standards as a passenger flight. This has been an issue for a while, and it appears the terrorists have picked up on this, and probably led to the decision to specifically use cargo flights.  The bombs were addressed to two synagogues in the US, and these were the likely targets. Does this … [Read more...]

Fear of Flying: Terrorism

Another popular fear when it comes to flying, is the threat of terrorism. Of course, terrorists have been around for years, and have used aircraft previously. However, the most notable terrorist attack involving planes was 9/11. The reality of this happening in front of the eyes of millions worldwide has seen a whole new type of fear. Truth is, the airline industry has changed dramatically since that fateful day. As changes were swiftly made the overall opinion was that it was the end of the aviation as we know it.    … [Read more...]