SOAR Fear of Flying Course Review – Why I Recommend This Course

As I’ve mentioned a few times on Flying Fear, there are many courses available that offer treatment for your fear of flying – but there is only one that I fully recommend.

The first question that you will probably ask yourself is;

Do I need to take a fear of flying course?

In truth, not all of you will – but anyone who has more than mild or moderate anxiety will find that it’s the only way to eliminate the fear.

For those of you with mild anxiety, Flying Fear is probably enough to help you enjoy your flight. I have had many visitors who have had their questions answered here or via email, and then happily taken their flight.

But, I do not have the expertise to help everybody – especially those with a severe fear of flying phobia. I am not trained as a therapist (although have plans to become so in the future)…….

Captain Tom Bunn is. Tom is the creator of the SOAR fear of flying course.

Tom had been involved in some of the earlier fear of flying courses, but became frustrated at the lack of any real progress.

He chose to become a trained therapist, before researching in great detail how to treat a fear of flying. After trying NLP, hypnotherapy and the rest (with little success), he developed a totally unique Aviaphobia treatment that is now known as the SOAR course.

I was lucky enough to be given access to the course to enable me to have a better idea of the content offered. I was blown away by the quality – and I don’t have a fear of flying at all!

What Tom offers is – simply put – the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE treatment for nervous flyers I have ever seen. Nothing else comes close to it.

The full program consists of 11 DVD’s covering everything from how flying works, to the psychology and control of anxiety. Without a stone left unturned, Tom takes you by the hand and leads you to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks.

With useful suggestions, and things you should do on your first flight after completing your course, success is GUARANTEED – and better yet, your order comes with a money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Is the SOAR course cheap? Maybe not. Is the SOAR course good value for money? ABSOLUTELY.

Prices range from $125 (approx £78) to $480 (£300).

A fear of flying can be debilitating, hampering family life and your career. Invest in your future and take the SOAR course NOW.

Despite the prices being in US Dollars, the course is available worldwide. While you are waiting for yours to be delivered, you are given temporary access to the course online to enable you to start immediately.

There are loads of success stories on the site, so have a read. Even the most severe cases have been cured with the SOAR Course.

To find out more and to order the course, click here now.

If you would prefer to order the course digitally (downloadable videos and Mp3), saving $180 (£110), you can do so via iamplify – Click Here to Conquer Your Fear of Flying Now

Here is a 15 minute video for you – from Capt. Tom Bunn himself

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