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Impress Others On Your Next Flight With Your Newfound Turbulence Knowledge!

Did you know that about 50% of airline passengers fear turbulence? That’s just the ones that admit it. Turbulence is a huge fear, despite the fact it is not dangerous and will not cause damage to the aircraft.

The trouble with flying is, air is invisible. It surrounds us but we cannot see it. If we can’t see it, then we cannot see how it is behaving, or how it is affecting the plane. This creates a problem.

You are in a plane at 38,000ft and suddenly it starts shaking, then dropping and moving from left to right ….. what the hell is causing this to happen? As you sit in your seat, gripping the armrests, or your fellow passenger’s hand you start to fear the worst.

Your heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, and you begin to sweat. Surely this is not supposed to happen?

This is your opportunity to get a copy of my brand new Fear of Turbulence Booklet. If you don’t learn everything you can about turbulence, then you will always fear it. The booklet will teach you all you need to know. Find out;

~ What the hell is turbulence ~
~ What causes it ~
~ Why it always feels like we are dropping thousands of feet ~
~ What the pilots do in turbulence ~

In fact, after reading this booklet you will be armed with the knowledge you need to cope next time you fly through turbulent air, and will even be able to impress others with your knowledge.

Without knowledge you cannot control your reactions. Arm yourself with the right information now by ordering the Fear of Flying Booklet for just £7 or $9.97.

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