Update: Monarch’s Rejected Take-Offs

You may have read the article I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the reporting of a Monarch flight from London Gatwick to Taba that experienced three consecutive rejected take-offs, before leaving 8 hours late.

You can read the original article by clicking here – or find out more information on what a rejected take-off is by clicking here.

The main reason for this very short article though, is to share with you an email that I received from a passenger who was onboard the affected flight. His words prove my point – media reports are inaccurate and create fear amongst passengers.

This is the email I received from a passenger onboard Flight ZB4704 (London Gatwick-Taba)

I’ve read your message about the Monarch Taba Heights flight and I’ve also read some of the resulting the “news” stories in our press & Tv channels.

I was on that plane and delayed for 8 hours.  At no time was there panic, an evacuation or any real problem with passengers other than frustration, inconvenience and being uncomfortable stuck on the plane.

I noticed one person caused some problems with the Monarch staff at the terminal and maybe some of the unnecessary sensationalism and inaccurate reporting eminanted from him.

The pilots were brilliant and no they are not going to risk the plane, passengers and their lives if the risk was unacceptable.

Wouldn’t it be good if reporters reported facts and not fairy tale stories – maybe there is a lesson with the current reporting of the recession??

I would like to thank this passenger for his email. So, there was NO evacuation, NO panic and NO danger – contrary to news articles from so-called ‘reputable’ sources.

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  1. Hi I wish I could stop this fear I was cabin crew for 10 years and ever since i stopped flying as crew I have become more and more paranoid with flying. I start getting ill about three weeks before I fly and my holiday is often ruined I need to take regular medication on board just to be able to sit there.
    I wish I could do better and cannot beleive I did this for a career.

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