Capt Tom’s 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise To Stop Anxiety And Panic

Panic is frightening anyplace, but nowhere is panic worse than on an airliner. I’ve worked on this for twenty-eight years both as an airline captain and as a licensed therapist. A quick way to get relief is with the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise.

Focus on some object in front of you. Say “I see” and then name something in your peripheral vision. Then say “I see” and name something else in your peripheral vision. Continue until you have made five statements.

Maintaining focus, say the words “I hear” and name something you hear. Then say “I hear” and name something else you hear. Continue until you have made five statements.

Maintaining focus, say the words “I feel” and name something you are touching.

That completes one cycle. It takes intense concentration. That is exactly what we want. As you concentrate on non-threatening things, the “fight or flight” hormones that were in your body when you started the exercise get burned off. As they get used up, you get more relaxed.

To keep the concentration intense, we make one change: instead of doing five statements again, do four statements. Then, in the next cycle, do three statements. Then, in the next cycle, do two statements. Then, in the next cycle, do one statement. Then, in the next cycle, we go back to five, etc.

Use this exercise as early as possible to control panic when flying, or thinking of flying. Keep in mind, this is just a concentration exercise to keep your mind diverted.

There are far more effective ways to deal with fear of flying. Even the most severe cases can be successfully deal with by the advanced methods I have developed over the years. It is now possible to establish control that works automatically to stop high anxiety and panic, and prevent claustrophobia.

The success of these methods has been proven by independent research. Thus, no matter what you may have tried, success is possible.

In my search for more effective methods, I studied hypnotism, NLP, Gestalt Therapy, Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I tried all these things with clients. None of these methods were adequate, and it took completely new methods to provide a way to help everyone.

To learn more about the cause and cure of fear of flying, please see this free video on the SOAR Web site.

2 responses to “Capt Tom’s 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise To Stop Anxiety And Panic”

  1. I’m about to fly from Houston to San Jose, CA and while I’ve flown many times in the past, I’m feeling VERY anxious about this upcoming flight. I’ve never flown for more than 3 hours. This flight is abour 4.5 hours. I know, I know, if I can do 3, then I can do 4.25, but I’m still nervous:(

  2. Your 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise has been a God-send. I do not have a fear of flying, however, I was experiencing non-stop panic attacks a few years ago. I came across your book, SOAR, and purchased a copy. Your exercise has never failed to stop a panic attack for me. It gave me my life back. Thank you!

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