Video: 10 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Flying

This is a quick fear of flying video I put together for YouTube. It’s what I like to call a video article, I hope you enjoy and gain something from it;

Ellie Williams MusicFor those of you that are interested, the background music is from Ellie Williams, a Exeter based singer & songwriter. To buy her album from iTunes click here. Before you ask, yes, the rest of the album is just as brilliant as the music in the video!

One response to “Video: 10 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Flying”

  1. Dear sir madam your advise on how to deal with fear of flyng they jest for a moment make me feel good,but i know each time i try to take a flight fear overwealme ,you have no idea of what happened inside me although my intelligent and good sense tells me that is stupid ridicolous an ungiastified,i just cant help it. I want overcame this i love travelingi have been all over europe and parts of russia,turkey but now is time to go to America and so on.

    I am not so worryng of dyng so i am not quiet sure why i am so fryghten of flyng I even see the beauty in flyng but i am terrified too..please help me….please!

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