You Must Have a DESIRE to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

There are three elements that must be present if you are to overcome your phobia of flying;

  1. Desire/Belief – you have to really WANT to overcome your fear and must BELIEVE that you can
  2. Willpower/Commitment – it won’t be an easy ride, but you must be prepared to fight to the end
  3. Help and advice from and SOAR – with the right information, you WILL succeed.

If any one of these are missing, you will still be afraid to fly in 10 years time – I guarantee it. Without desire you will not achieve your goal, and desire is not something I can help you with – it must come from you.

The only advice I can offer is to keep thinking about how your quality of home and work life would improve without the fear.

With regards to belief, there are many success stories at the SOAR website. People just like you have overcome their fear by completing a fear of flying course. Read them, and believe that you WILL eliminate aviaphobia from your life.

The 3 steps I listed above can be true for any area of your life. Any goal or desire that you may have will not come to fruition without desire, commitment, and the right information.

As an example, I am a smoker. I am aware of all the facts – I know the health hazards, and I’ve seen the effects, therefore I have the right information.

I am a very committed person. If I put my mind to something, I will do it – therefore, I have the willpower to give up. I believe I could give up at any time.

SO, why have I not given up?


For that reason, and that reason alone, I am still a smoker. If you are struggling to overcome your fear of flying, try writing a list of all the benefits you’d gain if you could get on a plane…..

Keep that list somewhere you’ll see it everyday, and hopefully you will start to really WANT to get rid of your phobia.

That’s it for today – I’m off to write a list of my own. Then maybe I’ll finally give up smoking!

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