Fear of Flying Book: Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Book: Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Overcome Your Fear of Flying - Robert BorThere are plenty of books out there on the fear of flying, or more accurately, how to overcome it. I would always recommend buying one that features psychologists AND aviation experts as both aspects are important.

A new book has recently been published that meets this criteria. Entitled Overcome Your Fear of Flying it is written by two psychologists and a pilot, and looks at effective skills and techniques you can use to help reduce the anxiety commonly associated with flying.

A word of caution – I have not read this book myself so cannot comment on its effectiveness. If anyone has seen a copy, please review it below.

I have posted the message regarding this book as I know many of you are looking for a cheaper option than a full fear of flying course. Despite recommending anyone that can afford to to invest in Tom Bunn’s SOAR Fear of Flying Course, this book may provide some answers to those who need help – and it’s available for just £5.99 from Amazon.

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2 responses to “Fear of Flying Book: Overcome Your Fear of Flying”

  1. A very helpful book on coping with a fear of flying; easy to read and affordable too.

    I have read many others and viewed DVD’s on the topic and they all seem to say the same thing: ‘it’s irrational; planes dont fall out of the sky and now if you listen to me and stop listening to yourself you will get over it blah blah blah’.

    Great if you want to be humbled and humiliated. Not great if you have lots of different fears, you need practical skills to cope and you feel a bit odd or even ashamed of having your fear. This is where this book really stands out from others.

    It is wriiten by psychologists and pilots. It doesn’t push the ‘illlogical’, ‘irrational’ bit of the fear but instead focuses on the different sources or causes or fear of flying. It has some very helpful sections on coping with anxiety (like distraction techniques, deep breathing skills) and also lots to do’s and dont’s many of which seem quite helpful.

    Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I felt like it was ‘talking to me’, and taking my problem seriously. I could almost hear the psychologists counseling me in a session. It’s straightforward – no complicated theories or jargon – and there’s also a nice section written on flight safety which comes at the end, rather than the beginning as in many similar books.

    This is one book that I can take with me when I travel as I have found the ideas useful to go over when I fly. I was reassured that the book is not only for flight phobics but also for people like me who don’t like to fly, but need to do it for work.

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