Overcome YOUR Fear of Flying

I'm Kevin, your friendly Flight Attendant and I want to help you overcome your fear of flying... I started to write a fear of flying course, but then I found something even better. Read on to find out more.

Stop missing out on family events and holidays. With the right help you CAN overcome your fear.

A fear of flying is crippling, leading to panic attacks, severe anxiety, and possibly a refusal to fly - missing important family events, job promotions and the chance to see the world as a result.

To the nervous flyer, from your friendly Flight Attendant,

I am guessing you have found this page due to your fear of flying. You have possibly spent many hours desperately searching the Internet for help & advice to help you overcome your fear. I want to help you...

I fully believe that with dedication and the right help and advice ANYONE can overcome their fear of flying. But you have to believe you can overcome it. There is a course available that teaches you how to control your anxiety, and prevent the reaction to flying.

Having operated approximately 3,100 flights now in my role as a Flight Attendant (read that number again... That's over three THOUSAND!), I understand flying, how it works & how safe it is. Not only that, I understand your fear of flying having comforted hundreds of passengers who suffer just like you.

My original plan when I started this site was to write and develop my own fear of flying course based on my experiences and conversations with the lovely people I have met during my career at 38,000ft. If I could help those people through their flights, surely I could take this experience 'online' and help thousands of others too.

Well, I HAVE helped some and it is incredibly satisfying to know that there are a few people out there that have made it through their flight(s) due to the help I have offered. But, when researching how to effectively overcome the fear of flying forever, I came across a course that far exceeded anything I could even contemplate creating myself. More on that shortly.

Read on for information on the definitive fear of flying course and how to overcome your fear of flying forever

Why Overcome Your Fear?

The fear of flying affects up to a third of the population and varies in severity from mild anxiety to a complete refusal to even think about travelling on an aircraft. There are even stories of some sufferers who feel physically sick and/or have panic attacks if a plane simply flies overhead.

Sufferers are often intelligent people, who are fully aware that the fear of flying is irrational. It is for this reason that I understand that just throwing some statistics on how safe flying is at you is not going to be a great help to the majority of you.

The fact that you have arrived at this site leads me to believe you would like to overcome your fear, but do you really WANT to beat it?

Are you fed up with missing out on family holidays/vacations? Do you shake with fear when your boss tells you that you are booked on a business trip abroad? Bored of feeling like you're not able to see the things you want to see due to your fear?

You are not alone... But, you can overcome your fear with the right help & advice if you WANT to. Think about your motivation. Why do YOU want to overcome your fear?

How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Forget all the airline and airport courses because there is a fear of flying course that beats them all. It's guaranteed - so if you do not overcome your fear, you get your money back. That is a hell of a guarantee.

This is the 'holy grail' of fear of flying courses. It is available in DVD format or instantly downloadable to your computer, tablet or smartphone and was created by a retired airline Captain and licensed therapist after he became frustrated with the poor level of help available. The course has been helping people since 1982 - that's 32 years of experience!

The course is called SOAR and is the only one I recommend. Simply put, IT WORKS.

I am not going to waste time telling you all about the only fear of flying course that works... I'm going to leave it to the creator of the course himself, Captain Tom Bunn

Click Here to Watch a Video from Captain Tom Bunn

You CAN overcome your fear of flying. Watch the video from Captain Tom Bunn now by clicking here. If you are using an iPhone or iPad the video will not play, please go here and then click on 'free help for flying'.

Captain Tom Bunn

FREE Interview with Tom Bunn

A little while back I interviewed Captain Tom Bunn via email and the result is a free 11-page interview that will help you start to overcome your fear. The interview is available to read, download, and/or print.

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