How Science Can Help You Overcome Your Anxiety


I've got to tell you, the research that's been taking place in recent years and the advancements it's all led to has been nothing short of incredible and is completely changing much of what we know about anxiety, fear, panic, and human behaviour in general. New technologies have given us the ability to peer inside the mind like never before, and literally WATCH exactly what happens not only when anxiety strikes, but when a feeling of relaxation and calm washes over us and takes it away. Research from universities and labs around the world is being published that shows that much of what's traditionally been done to help those suffering with anxiety or panic attacks has often been useless at best, and may even make everything … [Read more...]

The Onset Of Flight Anxiety Problems

A person on the SOAR Message Board writes, "Can one person fly for almost twenty-nine years with no turbulence and no fear and then just freak out about it? I was first on the plane at age of 6 months and never even once up until this year worried about flying. I would fall asleep on planes." Until one flight to San Francisco and back, my nerves were really on edge for some reason and they plane shook and its the first time ever I got nervous. A few months later I went with my family to Cozumel Mexico and on the way there the plane shook a bit, I cried, my arms got numb. When I tell people that I never really experienced turbulence up until this year they don't believe me. Now I am convinced that every flight I will take from now on … [Read more...]

Dealing With Turbulence Anxiety

When there is anxiety about the uncertain outcome of some event, we naturally seek some means of control, so that the matter works out to our benefit. When seeking control as the means of securing a good result, anything that seems to defy control can feel threatening. That seems to be a factor in fear of turbulence. It seems, to the anxious flier, that turbulence is out of control and could throw the plane out of control. No. Turbulence is not out of control, nor can it throw an airliner out of control. Turbulence is … [Read more...]

Capt Tom’s 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise To Stop Anxiety And Panic

Panic is frightening anyplace, but nowhere is panic worse than on an airliner. I've worked on this for twenty-eight years both as an airline captain and as a licensed therapist. A quick way to get relief is with the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise. Focus on some object in front of you. Say "I see" and then name something in your peripheral vision. Then say "I see" and name something else in your peripheral vision. Continue until you have made five statements. Maintaining focus, say the words "I hear" and name something you hear. Then say "I hear" and name … [Read more...]