Fear of Flying: Caught on Camera


Well, what a complete cock-up of a program Fear of Flying: Caught on Camera on Channel 4 have just shown us. That is if it was ever intended to be any help to those with a fear of flying of course.... This COULD have been a great, insightful, helpful program. Instead, it was another poorly researched, and poorly edited example of how the media worsens and/or causes people's fears. For example, at regular intervals the program showed aircraft incidents. This wouldn't be such a terrible problem if they offered any explanation as to why these things happened, and how rare it is to experience anything like this. I have done 5000 flights+ now, and never had any emergency. That doesn't mean I am lucky.... It is the norm! The biggest editorial … [Read more...]

Another Poorly Reported Non-Story Appears in Daily Mail

Lufthansa Logo

A reader has shared a story found in the Daily Mail - a popular (unfortunately) UK newspaper. Any long term readers will already know my opinion of certain sections of the media when it comes to misreported and exaggerated stories contributing to the fear of flying of readers. Firstly, read the ridiculous attempt at journalism by clicking here and then read my rewrite of the story below; A Lufthansa Airbus 321 suffered an engine malfunction on Saturday shortly after takeoff from Helsinki. The engine was shut down by pilots who were following their well practised drill for this situation. Any fire would have been extinguished automatically. The plane flew perfectly safely with one engine as all commercial aircraft can, but as a … [Read more...]