Editorial: Michael O’Leary Suggests ‘Getting Rid’ of the Co-Pilot

Michael O' Leary

Airline pilots have accused Ryanair's Michael O'Leary of endangering passengers' safety after he called for co-pilots to be replaced with air stewardesses ~ Sky News Online Ryanair (a UK low-cost airline) boss Michael O'Leary has always been arrogant, loud-mouthed, and obnoxious, but has he gone too far in suggesting getting rid of one of the pilots to save money? Despite everything Michael O'Leary has said in the past, there is no doubting that the guy is clever to a certain degree. He never seems to run out of absurd comments to make to get the airline in the news. His philosophy appears to be: negative publicity is still publicity. I seem to remember watching a documentary on the Ryanair Chief Executice a while ago, where he … [Read more...]