The Fear of Turbulence

This is the big one... The dreaded 'T' word. But, turbulence is misunderstood thanks to over-dramatised movie scenes, and inaccurate media reporting. Find out what turbulence really is, and why it is not anything to be worried about.

Turbulence Set to Increase due to Climate Change

Fear of Turbulence

According to a study led by Reading University in the UK and published in Nature Climate Change turbulence is on the increase as a direct result of climate change. The study concentrated on the North Atlantic corridor which sees 600 flights a day cross between the Americas and Europe. Results show that not only will turbulence be more severe, but the area affected by turbulent air will also increase. The study is thought to be the first ever to research the future of aviation turbulence, despite there being a related - albeit difficult to calculate - cost for airlines. This cost is thought to be in the region of $150m (£100m) a year. Any increase in turbulence would result in an increased fuel burn as pilots avoid bumpy air in … [Read more...]

Dealing With Turbulence Anxiety

When there is anxiety about the uncertain outcome of some event, we naturally seek some means of control, so that the matter works out to our benefit. When seeking control as the means of securing a good result, anything that seems to defy control can feel threatening. That seems to be a factor in fear of turbulence. It seems, to the anxious flier, that turbulence is out of control and could throw the plane out of control. No. Turbulence is not out of control, nor can it throw an airliner out of control. Turbulence is … [Read more...]