Why Media Obsession With Plane Accidents Causes a Fear of Flying

Love them or hate them, the media will always be around. They will continue to tell you personal details about the ‘celebrity of the week’, and covering all the bad events from around the globe.

Good news isn’t news I guess…….

What really upsets me though, is the media obsession with any incident involving an aircraft. Now, I do not mean that I would prefer incidents to be covered up. I fully believe that there should be no hiding place for any world airline. 

It’s the dramatisation that annoys me. Being in the aviation industry, reading media reports on any incident angers me to the core.

NEWS: Media companies do not fully research all the facts, and tend to fabricate important parts of a story to ensure it’s newsworthy. EVEN THE HUGE WORLD FAMOUS, MULTI-MILLION POUND COMPANIES! How can they not afford to research a story fully before sharing it with the world?

Ok, this is starting to turn into a bit of a rant. Let’s use an example. I’m not going to mention any airline here, but this is a prime example of media over-dramatisation;

A few months back, a UK airline experienced a decompression at 38,000ft somewhere over France. A decompression is simply a loss of pressure in the cabin – I’ll go more in depth on this in the future. Normal procedure in this event would be to immediately put on the closest oxygen mask, and secure yourself in your seat.

As crew, we would also be doing the same. Nothing is more important than getting that mask on. The pilots would then initiate a quick descent to a safe level that will enable us all to breathe without the need for the masks. They would also be on oxygen in the cockpit – but their masks wrap right around their face (almost like something from a science fiction movie). Therefore, you would not expect to hear anything from the pilots until we have descended, and they can take off their masks.

So, why have I told you all that? The media reports following the recent decompression accused the airline of having oxygen masks that were not working because they were NOT inflating – but they do not necessarily inflate, it depends on your rate of breathing.

TV news reports went on throughout the day, with the same passenger being interviewed each time (I think he’s supposed to be partly famous for something – so evidently he just wanted some time to shine on tv to get his face noticed). This guy stated vehemently that his son’s oxygen was not working, which lead to his son suffering hyperventilation.

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