Video: Is Flying Safe – Turbulence Explored

I’ve just uploaded a new video to YouTube of the moderate turbulence I encountered today at work. I’d love to hear your thoughts….

Please post your comments below or on YouTube, and please feel free to suggest some other subjects I could use for future videos. Press play to watch the video below;

5 responses to “Video: Is Flying Safe – Turbulence Explored”

  1. I guess the “exploring” of turbulence is done by printing the sentence “This is called ‘Clear–Air–Turbulence’ and is perfectly normal”? No offense — but showing a wing for about a minute wobbling about in mid–air hardly gives any insights.

    • I’m sorry to disappoint you, I guess the title is not the best description of the video. However, if you would like to read more insight into turbulence, please feel free to read my many other articles on the subject, for example; Fear of Flying: Turbulence, Fear of Turbulence Mini-Course, or search the Turbulence Category.

      I work hard to help people the best I can, and it would be much nicer to receive some praise for the amount of hard (and unpaid) work I put into this site, rather than write a sarcastic comment under one of my mistakes.

      Having said that, thank you for your feedback.

  2. OK – maybe not the best title for this particular video, but overall, this website is awesome!! Actually, I think showing the wing wobbling in mid-air makes the point that turbulence is a very normal occurrence on an aircraft. Wings wobble and it’s normal. And you do a lot of exploring of turbulence in your articles. Even though I’ve flown hundreds of times, I’ve always felt a great deal of anxiety around turbulence, because I didn’t understand what was occurring. I assumed the plane was bouncing all over the place, and the pilots were fighting desperately to maintain control of the aircraft. After reading your articles and watching a number of videos on your site, I now know neither one of my assumptions are true, and understand what is actually happening. And I’m perfectly safe.

    Soon I will be flying from SJO to KOA, and now, I’m actually looking forward to it. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this website. I very much appreciate it!

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