Excellent Video of Flight From Start to Finish

Excellent Video of Flight From Start to Finish

This is a very good video for those with a fear of flying. Watch the flight from start to finish (video is about 45mins long).

Pay special attention to all the checks that the pilots carry out at various stages of the flight.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBTbTCLEp4M’]

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    • No not at all. Just before landing the speed is 15knots. A plane can land in more than double that with ease. Hope that helps Emma.

  1. Hello everyone 🙂 I am just in the middle on watching this video and I have a question about walk around 🙂 Is it done before an every single flight? (no matter what airline it is). I noticed that sometimes there is a gap of 30-40 minutes between plane’s landing and the new passengers boarding (for example plane from Paris has landed in Liverpool and it’s going back to Paris)

    With regards still fearful Lucy

    • Yes the walk around is done before every flight regardless of which airline. The pilots check for any visible damage, oil leaks etc. it only takes about 10 minutes and they are usually doing it as passengers are boarding.

      These things are all going on without you even noticing.

      • I think that’s my problem, as I cannot really see what they’re doing. I have watched the whole video and the cockpit view is amazing!!! I could see how pilots are calm and steady about their job and how many checks are done during the flight as well… Will watch it again to reasure myself!

        Thanks for the reply!

        • You’re welcome. I’m in the process of writing a book that should help with knowing what’s going on and when.

          I’m here to answer any other questions you might have.

          • When the flight is boring (no turbulences or just slight movement) I am fine and relaxed, but as soon bumps appear, that’s the end of it. I am anxious until landing even if the rest of the flight is smooth.
            I have a crash pics in my head and I am looking for the signs of crash everywhere :(:(

            Also is it normal that I can feel the plane is ‘dropping’ after the take off?

    • It is completely normal to hear the ‘traffic’ warning whilst departing or landing at a busy airport. That is the TCAS warning the pilots that there are other aircraft nearby.

      If TCAS malfunctions pilots will manually ensure no aircraft are too close. Don’t forget that ATC are also tracking all flights, and they can help pilots take evasive action if required. TCAS is just a system that automates something that pilots and ATC are more than capable of dealing with. Computers simply help decrease the pilot’s workload.

      Hope that helps

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