Video: Go-Around Cockpit View

Another quick video for you of a go-around, this time filmed from the cockpit. If you have a fear of flying, a go-around can seem a pretty scary event. As you can tell from this video though, it is a completely normal procedure.

Notice how Air Traffic Control are asking the plane in front to hurry up and vacate the runway, before instructing the Finnair pilots to go-around due to traffic. ATC do a great job of ensuring we are safe, in this case by not allowing to aircraft to be on the same runway at the same time…..

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  1. I am flying on sunday and i am scared, i am thinking of just not showing up but that would be senseless as i am looking to relocate and looking at real estate in nevada; how can i get reassurance that Delta is a good airline and that I will be safe

    • Hi,

      So sorry that this reply has taken so long. I’ve spent most of the last couple of days at 38,000ft.

      I hope you haven’t cancelled and make your flight. I don’t really have much time to offer advice and answer your questions before your flight, but I’ll try and give you some simple tips.

      Firstly, please tell the airline crew that you are nervous. They will take the time to explain things to you.

      Try and meet the pilots before takeoff as it helps you hand over control to a friendly face (as opposed to a voice over the PA system.

      During the flight, keep watching the Flight Attendants. See how they are not worried, and remember this….. they all have families and loved ones. They would not choose to operate any flight if they believed it was not 100% safe to do so. I have operated over 3000 flights now, and not once have I feared for my safety. I know how safe modern aircraft are, and I trust my pilots and the rest of my crew implicitly.

      I am also fully aware of the fantastic level of expertise from Air Traffic Control, engineers, ground handlers, and my airline’s operations department.

      I know I’m safe as there are so many highly trained, professional men & women working alongside me who will always ensure safety is the number 1 priority. There is no other form of transport that can offer this level of protection.

      I hope my words have helped. Hopefully you read this before your flight….

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