Video: Autoland in Fog

Earlier this year I wrote an article on the Fear of Flying in Fog, and more specifically, how an aircraft can land itself using the latest technology. Of course the pilots are still monitoring all systems, and the aircraft must be rated to complete such a landing. Also, all autopilot systems must be in working order or a ‘autolanding’ is not permitted and the aircraft will be diverted to another airport instead.

I thought you may be interested in seeing for your own eyes that this is possible through the magic of video! Watch the video, and continue reading this article below;

Welcome back – what did you think of the video?

The noise you hear after landing is the Autopilot being switched off. This is an important noise to familiarise yourself with as if you ever fly on an Airbus aircraft and sit near the front and close to the cockpit door, you will hear it. Usually, the autopilot will be switched off on final approach once the aircraft is on course to the runway. If you hear it after landing, you know that the pilot cheated and let the aircraft land itself!

Notice how the plane in the above video landing in the exact centre of the runway. This shows how accurate this system is. The autoland will land the aircraft perfectly 100% of the time. It really is that amazing.

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