Video of Thunderstorm at 36000ft

I have mentioned many times that flying directly through a thunderstorm is avoided due to the severe turbulence it can cause. However, we often fly close to storms and pilots will weave their way around the storm clouds. This makes for some amazing scenes. Here is a video of a thunderstorm recorded by a pilot in the cockpit, over Turkey;

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This storm may have caused turbulence, and it may have even led to the aircraft being struck ny lightning. Neither of these events is dangerous though. Hope you enjoyed the quick clip… beautiful isn’t it.

For more information on what happens if the aircraft is struck by lightning, read my article by clicking here.

One response to “Video of Thunderstorm at 36000ft”

  1. Im traveling to Jeddah tomorrow from Riyadh and the weather has been good all week. Now suddenly there is a thunder storm and aim terrified! Ive always been terrified of flying and i travel about once a month! Im always anxious , in panic mode and Turbulence always keeps me on the Edge of my seat.

    Now my Flight is at 3 And aim absolutely terrified i can’t sleep. I know thunder won’t effect a plane but i still have my doubts. I don’t know what to do to ease the tension and panic I’m going through at the moment!

    I keep imagining taking off into a thunder cloud! Freaky as Hell!

    Any advice? I hope your not 38,000 ft in the air!



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